Glamour Flooring has the best pricing on Laminate flooring in the Los Angeles Area.

Ayos Hilltop Hickory Laminate Flooring starting at  $1.69/Sqft   Flooring Type: Laminate Flooring Product #: LANHH Color: Hilltop Hickory Finish: Hand-Scraped Width: 5 1/2 in. (145 mm) Thickness: 1/2 in. (12.3 mm) Length: 48 in. (1, 218 mm) Click System: Unilin Click Grade: AC3 Package: 20.98 sq. ft. / Carton: 42 Cartons / Pallet Weight: […]

Birch Saddle Timberline Collection Elbrus Hardwood Flooring

Birch Saddle Timberline Collection Elbrus Hardwood Flooring $2.99 /Sqft Min order. 400/sqft CALL IF ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING PRICING – 818.963.0878 Birch Hardwood Flooring from the Elbrus timber line collection color Saddle is very attractive and highly durable.  This is a 6.5″ wide plank hardwood floor with a hand scrape finish its 1/2″ thick with a […]

Ayos Laminate Flooring Driftwood Maple LANDM – Laminate Flooring Los Angeles

Ayos Laminate Flooring Driftwood Maple Code # LANDM $1.69 / Square Foot  Free delivery when purchasing over eight hundred square feet within a thirty mile radius from store.  This is a 12mm laminate flooring it is a high quality laminate flooring from Ayos. Driftwood Maple laminate flooring is among the most real look hardwood flooring […]

Acacia hardwood flooring is among the popular floors in the Los Angeles Area.

Acacia hardwood flooring is among the popular floors in the Los Angeles Area.  Acacia hardwood flooring is nice because it’s highly durable, resilient does not hurt it and looks beautiful. Acacia can be found in  hand scrape finish along with a smooth finish. Come visit our large showroom to see whats the best option for your home.  […]

Mega Clic Grand Legend WPC Flooring

What is WPC Flooring? WPC Flooring consists of a composite material, typically waterproof, rigid and stable. WPC Flooring products are commonly referred to as luxury vinyl flooring, enhanced vinyl plank or waterproof vinyl. MCGL-7518 Monarch What is the Biggest Difference between WPC Flooring and laminate? The biggest difference between WPC Flooring and laminate flooring is that WPC […]

Restoring Hardwood Floors

One of the benefits of being a homeowner is being able to customize the home the way you like. Homeowners of older homes may look forward to being creative in their home, especially with the flooring. Hardwood flooring possesses a unique beauty other flooring types do not. Hardwood flooring gives a home a natural appearance […]

Hickory Dark Brown Hardwood Flooring $8.99 a SQFT Installed

Glamour Flooring is having the Sale of the Year on it’s number one seller, Hickory Dark Brown  $8.99 a sqft INSTALLED!! Wood Floor Installation Includes: Floor ordered, Installation on material purchased, Moisture Barrier Glue, Shoe Base, Carpet & furniture Removal Hickory hardwood flooring in Los Angeles $8.99 a sqft INSTALLED!! These Gorgeous Engineered Hickory Floors […]

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