Wood Flooring Installation

With its classiness and warmth, it is easy to grasp why hardwood flooring is a prevalent choice among homeowners in Los Angeles. Apart from the splendor and elegance, installing hardwood floors is a good way to add value to your household. In fact, the variety of wood floor styles and finishes is better than even before. Regardless of what your tastes and needs are; you are sure to discover the finest wood floor for your family and your home in Los Angeles from the array of flooring selections we offer.

Hardwood Flooring Styles What is your style? If you opt for a simple, modern aesthetics or maybe a more natural and rustic appearance, there’s a hardwood floor design that is perfect for you. Nowadays, there are many varieties of hardwood flooring you can choose from, at Glamour Flooring LA, we are happy to provide beautiful and assorted selections of hardwood floors. For you to decide on the perfect wood floor for your house, read along in order to know the different styles and choices available.

Solid Hardwood – Solid hardwood flooring is made from a single portion of hardwood. One good thing about solid hardwood is its longevity – meaning that this construction allows the floors to be polished and refinished time and again. Another thing to take into consideration about solid hardwood is its ability to expand and contract with changes in your home’s virtual humidity. Solid hardwood may be set up above or on grade.

Engineered Wood Floors – Engineered wood floors are completed from many layers of hardwood that are joined together. The wood grain of every layer goes in the opposite way, making it very tough. These wood floors are less likely to be affected by humidity and can be installed above or on and below grade. This type of wood floor may be sanded and finished, however, not as much as compared to solid hardwood floors.

Wood Finish Types Once you have selected natural hardwood floors, another choice to decide is whether you desire your floors to be pre-finished or if you like them unfinished.

Pre-finished – Pre-finished hardwood floors come ready-to-install. The woods are already sanded, stained and finished. If you buy pre-finished floors, you are saving time, labor and money.

Unfinished/Custom Stained – And as to unfinished wood floors, you decide on the wood species, and the sanding and staining are completed on site. This manner takes much time and cleanup, but you have the flexibility in attaining the stain and finish that you have always wanted for your home or business. Hardwood flooring installation at Glamour Flooring LA can greatly help you in getting the floors you have always wanted. Our team consists of hardwood flooring experts in Los Angeles who have the highest standards when it comes to experience, knowledge and customer service. They know that no two hardwood floor installations are similar. And that each project needs to be handled with a distinct perspective. So, just sit back and allow us to do all the hardwood flooring installation.