Tyrrhenian |Mediterranean Collection by California Classics| French Oak

 Mediterranean Collection by California Classics Floors Tyrrhenian French Oak


Tyrrhenian |Mediterranean by California Classics Floors| French Oak

Tyrrhenian | French Oak | Mediterranean MCTY531 | Golden


Here is a brief explanation about the finish that California Classics

The finish of fine wood flooring is critically important to both its appearance and maintainability. It should protect the wood floor while preserving the fine details of its character: its grain, patterns and subtle colorations, which you will grow to love over time. A mediocre floor finish will cloud these subtle yet beautiful details.

California Classics partnered with Valspar, a world leader in the aluminum oxide based floor finish business, to develop our unique dual-stain, aluminum oxide based wood floor finishes. Finishes protect the hardwood floor without compromising its beauty-or the environment.

• Intense, crystal clarity that won’t go yellow over time, as some finishes will
• excellent hardness for superb protection
• Enhanced UV protection to protect against sun-bleaching of your hardwood floor
• Environmentally friendly: HAPs-free and zero VOCs making it one of the greenest finishes on the market

When in a flooring store, please compare a California Classics floor finish to that of our competitors. Our super-clear coat enhances the look of the grain, and shows off every nuance of color, pattern and texture. In contrast, other brands’ flooring often has a milky layer resulting from inexpensive hardeners, clouding their finishes and diminishing the appearance of the grain.

When in a flooring store, please compare our true hand-scraped hardwood flooring to typical machine-scraped hardwood flooring. The difference is obvious!


Tyrrhenian |Mediterranean by California Classics Floors| French Oak | Los Angeles Flooring Store

One of our installers if making sure that the plank is intact with the tongue and the groove. The Hammer is used for the planks to get as tight together as possible.

Tyrrhenian |Mediterranean by California Classics Floors| French Oak


Hardwood Floor Style

Design:Double Smoked, Brushed, Hand Distressed & Hand Stained
Gloss Level:Super Matte Finish
Edge Type:Hand-Distressed Edges & Ends
Finish:Valspar Aluminum Oxide with Highly Penetrative Transparent Base

Tyrrhenian |Mediterranean by California Classics Floors| French Oak

Blue painter tape is highly recommended to keep rows or sections (also tongue and groove) of floor boards together until the adhesive has cured (using the incorrect tape can harm the finish of the hardwood floors.) During the hardwood flooring installation, tape together 4 or 5 board rows.

Tyrrhenian |Mediterranean by California Classics Floors| French Oak

This is what the sub floor looks like after we teared up the previous floor which was carpet. Now we will feather out the sub Floor then start the installation after we make sure the floors are leveled.

Tyrrhenian |Mediterranean by California Classics Floors| French Oak

Here we see Luis spreading the the glue using a V-notch trowel and is applying the adhesive to floor in small sections. Only spread enough for a few rows at a time for best results.

Tyrrhenian |Mediterranean by California Classics Floors| French Oak Here you see Ricardo trying to get the dimensions so that he can go back and make a few custom cuts on that plank that he is holding. Ricardo is one of the best Hardwood Flooring installers in the Los Angeles County who pays a lot of attention to details.  This client was very Pleased with the finish result and was even happier when he realized both Ricardo and Luis worked at the site.

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