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Provenza Hardwood Flooring Store

Provenza African Plains Exotic Wood Floor Collection is hand scraped, hand distressed style, and it is made from sustainable wood products. This line is very unique in its own way because of the hand Distress style making them looks like cracks. The thickness of this line is 9/16 of an inch, 5″ wide, 43.3″ in length, and comes with a Polyurethane Finish.
Provenza African Plains Congo- Wood Flooring Installation- Los Angeles-

Congo by Provenza African Plains from Premiere Hardwood flooring comes from a unique and one of a kind Wood Collection. The reason i call it one of a kind is due to the Distinctive Hand Scrapped that gives it a cracked look. This collection also has a distinctive color variation as apposed to other lines. This specific product has is dark brown dominate but the use of a lighter brown tone gives it a little of a very light brown green variation.

Provenza African Plains Zanzibar - Hardwood Flooring Los Angeles-

Zanzibar by Provenza African Plains has a more dominate dark brown look with some light brown color variance. This floor can be installed in a few ways. you can Glue the Floor down onto a concrete slab or plywood. The glue down methods elimanates alot of the clicking noise while walking on the floor. You can also nail the floor down but in case you have a concrete foundation you will have to install plywood over the concrete. You can Also float the floor

Provenza African Plains Raffia

This Particular product, Raffia by Provenza African Plains has that Golden Brown color Variation.

Provenza African Plains Sahara Sun- Wood Flooring Thousand Oaks- hardwood Flooring Installation

The Sahara Sun from Provenza African Plains color variance is not out of the ordinary. The dominant color in this product is a medium brown with some light Brown variation. The Cracks are darkened in this product which makes it stand out more then others.

Provenza African Plains Balck River- Hardwood Flooring Los Angeles

The Black river perhaps is the most unique one out of the bunch. This Product has a rare color variation. you get a little bit a brown green look that is unique. This line is also 9/16 of an inch thick, 5″ in width, and 43.3″ in length. The wood species used is called Hevea which is a exotic species.

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