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Provenza Flooring- Antico- Heirloom- Palazzo- Pompeii

Provenza Antico Relic  Matte Wood flooring- hardwood flooring- los angeles flooring

Color: Relic Matte

The Antico Collection was made with every board hand scraped, distressed and stained to create a truly custom floor. These Three products from the Antico Collection are the Relic- Matte, Chamboard, Stonehenge. The Auburn is one of the most trendiest one because of its gray color variation is a very popular color right now. The Chamboard has a light Brown color tone as appose to the Stonehedge which is a darker tone brown with a little of some green variation. These Engineered wood planks come in 5.5″ wide, 47″ in lenght, 9/16 of an inch thick, and you can either glue it down, staple, or float it for installation.
Chamboard by Provenza Antico- Hardwood Flooring Los angeles

Color: Chamboard

This collection is unique because it is actually hand scrapped , hand sanded, and hand stained as apposed to machine made. It also come with a Polyurethane finish; Polyurethane finishes are normally goes on as an after coat once a stain has been applied. with all that being said, you still get that nice rustic look.
Stonehenge by Provenza Antico Flooring- Hardwood Flooring Los Angeles

Color: Stonehenge

The Heirloom Collection is wire brushed with true hand scraping, hand distressing, a carbonized inventive process,   and the Engineered wood floors are smoked with a naturally beautiful UV Cured Oiled finish. Heirloom is a very elegant line and the character of the floor varies between its colors. the Three Products we used as an example are the York, London, and Norwich. These products give you that nice elegant classic Oak look which has been around for years. They have Natural colors, to whitewashed, gray , dark but they are all unique in their own way because of the smoked effect.
York by Provenza from Heirloom Collection- Hardwood Flooring Los Angeles

Color: York

The picture above is of the product called York. This product is high on demand due to its color tone. In the flooring industry, grays have been very popular in the last few months and its to the point were we can say this color is trending. A nice gray floor with furniture that compliments the floor will leave your neighbors speechless. The compliments will never stop coming. this is just one of the many products from the Provenza Heirloom Series.
London from Heirloom collection by Provenza wood flooring- Los Angeles Hardwood Flooring

Color: London

London is one of the more natural toned products from this line. it give you that rich nice modern look who everyone will fall in love with. It would look great in a cabin as to a nice home. The Heirloom Collection is made out of Siberian Oak, has a 7/16” thickness, 6.25” width and  the Heirloom Collection has mixed lengths from 48″ with 24″. It is engineered and you can either glue it down, staple it, or float the floor. The warranty the manufacturer offers is a 25 year finish and Lifetime Construction (Residential).
Norwich heirloom collection by Provenza flooring- Thousand Oaks Wood Flooring

Color: Norwich

The Palazzo Collection offers sophisticated look with soft hand scraping, distressing and multi-layered hand staining with french edge bleed. The edge bleed is a look where the edges are outline or darken to give it a distinctive elegant look as apposed to other collections or flooring companies. some products in this series, come random in width, which stands out from the rest.
Catania Provenza Palazzo flooring- Thousand oaks Hardwood Flooring

Color: Catania

The three products that i uploaded from the Provenza Palazzo collection are Catania which is more of a dark brown with a hint of light brown. If you want a dark floor with a light brown color variance then this is the product for you. San Marco is completely opposite in color tone appose to Catania; San Marcos is more of a medium brown. Verona in itself is a lighter version of the Catania.
San Marco Provenza Palazzo - Thousand Oaks Hardwood Flooring

Color: San Marco

The Palazzo collection is made out of a species of wood called Acacia, which has a Janka Hardness rating of 1750 which is a pretty solid number. Acacia is one of the harder wood species out. The Umbria and Roma come in random widths of 4″, 5″, and 6″ while the rest come 6″ wide. The style of the wood is a soft hand scraped, hand distressed, hand stained, edge bleed and come with a Polyurethane finish. Has a 9/16” thickness, with length of random up to 70.86″.
Verona by Provenza from Palazzo Collection- Calabasas Hardwood Flooring

Color: Verona

The Pompeii collection features the rustic elegance of a distressed floor. The beauty of the Floor is in the time worn look and aged character of each plank. Every single Pompeii plank is carefully picked out for its rich character, color and grain variations. The planks are hand tooled, hand stained and no two pieces are ever the same.
Lipari by Provenza from Pompeii Collection- Encino Hardwood Flooring

Color: Lipari

Lipari, Ischia, and Etna are the three products from the Pompeii Collection. This Collection is heavy wire brushed, hand scraped, cracks, knots, extreme color variation, heavy to rustic character. The wire brushed process is a lightly scraped with a wirebrush, creating long and linear strokes. This wire brushed texture really highlights linear grain patterns. For example, oak flooring and it makes a hardwood floor a  more interesting than if it only had a smooth surface.
Ischia by Provenza From Pompeii Collection- Encino Hardwood Flooring

Color: Ischia

The wood species used for Pompeii from Provenza by Premier flooring is European Oak. It comes with an UV Cured Oil finish and it is an Engineered wood flooring product. Has a 5/8” thickness, 7.44” width and  the Pompeii Collection has random lengths up to 6′.
Etna by Provenza Pompeii Collection- Los Angeles hardwood Flooring

Color: Etna

All the products mention on this Blog are all available at Glamour Flooring. We are located at 21030 Victory Blvd., Woodland Hills, CA 91367; if your going north down Victory, were located in between De Soto and Varial. We finance up to 12-months interest free and we do free in home Estimates. please feel free to call us at (818) 963-0878.
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