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Glass Mosaic


  • Elysium Milano Series Blackberry Mosaic

    Elysium Milano Series Blackberry Mosaic Glass. Colors: Black Marble with Black mosaics with various shapes in Glass squares. Use: Back Splashes or shower walls. Elysium always provides top notch mosaics for your home.

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  • Elysium Milano Series Crystal Grey

    Elysium Milano Series Crystal Grey 11.75″x12.25″ Mini Brick glass mosaics from Elysium mosaics have the most unique colors and patters. Colors used: Silver Travertine / Aqua Grey Color with Silver sparkles. for the best selection in mosaics for back splash or shower tiles contact Glamour Flooring of Los Angeles.

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  • Elysium Milano Series Amber Mini

    Elysium Milano Series Amber Mini 12″x12″ Colors Used: Honey Onyx / White Marble / Silver and Gold glass colors. Elysium has the most unique Glass Mosaics in Los Angeles and they are at Glamour Flooring. Use: Glass Mosaics can be used as Accent borders on walls, Back splash or even shower walls.

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  • Elysium Odyssey Series Iris Slim

    Elysium Odyssey Series Iris Slim

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A stunning glass mosaic is the perfect addition to any home. Glass tiles are extremely beautiful, as well as highly functional. For centuries, glass tiles have been used to decorate rooms in a way that really brings them to life. You are free to create a custom design or pattern to match your current décor, or take it a step further and create a vibrant piece of art that really stands out. Glass mosaics provide endless possibilities, and our designers can make even your wildest visions come to life. So why should you choose glass tiles for your mosaic? Below are some of the advantages glass tiles offer.
Gorgeous to Behold Glass Mosaics
There are numerous advantages that glass offers to homeowners. First of all, the most obvious reason is for the aesthetic value. Glass tiles have spanned countless time periods and cultures, and today they are widely regarded as a timeless way to decorate a home. Simultaneously elegant and vibrant, glass tiles are perfect for homeowners who want something special that stands out, but is not overbearing.
Glass Mosaic Classic Yet Modern
The beauty of glass mosaics is that they blend old-world appeal with modern design. A glass mosaic will never go out of style, and will provide you with years of enjoyment. If you should ever decide to sell your home, you had better believe that glass mosaics are going to add value and appeal to your property. We proudly carry quality brands like Emser Tile, Bedrosians, Dal Tile, Dune Mosaics, GBI Tile, and Boyce & Bean. There are many colors and shapes available, so select the tiles that fit your home best, or feel free to talk to one of our expert design consultants for advice.
Creative Potential
Unlike many other tile patterns, glass tiles give you significant creative control. Although it is usually best to leave the installation and design to the experts, you can still contribute your input to customize a design that is all your own. You can make an original design of a picture that has real meaning to you, or you can experiment with shapes and colors to dream up a unique pattern. Glass tiles are extremely versatile, and they are ideal for someone who really wants their home to feel like their personal castle.
Beauty Meets Function
Besides their wonderful aesthetic properties, glass tiles offer a tremendous amount of function. They are often used as a backsplash for a wall behind faucets or in a bathtub or shower, due to the fact that they are moisture-proof. You never have to worry about them staining, and they can easily be cleaned with just a quick swipe of a paper towel or mop. Many glass tiles are anti-fungal and microbial, making them ideal near surfaces where cleanliness is essential. This is why you will often find glass tiles in kitchen areas.
Call for a Free Consultation
You can expect an extremely long lifespan from your gorgeous glass tiles, with minimal maintenance necessary. The bottom line is that our glass tiles are some of the finest available, and our reputable mosaic designers and installation experts at Glamour Flooring in Woodland Hillsreputable mosaic designers and installation experts at Glamour Flooring in Woodland Hills will exceed your grandest expectations. For a free in-home consultation and estimate, feel free to call one of our experienced designers at (818) 963-0878 to schedule an appointment today. Add this affordable and luxurious addition to your home today!

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