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Laminate Flooring Woodland Hills

Laminate Flooring in Woodland Hills starting at   $1.39/SQFT Laminate flooring can be a more attractive option than traditional hardwood when taking certain factors into account, foremost of which being the price. The trade-off in cost vs. quality was once far more significant than that of which you will find with the laminate flooring of today. In many cases these days, it can be difficult to tell the difference without stepping on the laminate flooring, itself. Even at that point, a proper installation will yield seamless results and one would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between traditional hardwood flooring and a professionally installed, high quality laminate flooring. Other Benefits of Laminate Flooring At Glamour Flooring of Woodland Hills, most of our laminates are available between $1 and $2 per Square Foot (?) foot which makes it among our most affordable options. In addition to the “price of admission”, another appealing characteristic is the ease of installation. Laminate flooring can be installed over virtually any surface aside from carpet. The prep is easy and the results are fantastic. Maintenance is also quite simple as there are no special cleaning compounds required. Laminate flooring will have a protective layer designed to defend against wear making your beautiful flooring last for years. Our Selection Glamour Flooring in Woodland Hills has an extensive collection of the finest laminate flooring options available in Los Angeles. With over 100 options to choose from, anybody can be sure that they will find exactly what it is they need to set the perfect tone for any room in their home. Laminate flooring is created by forming composite wood into planks with a press at high temperature. Then a photo realistic image of real wood grain is laminated onto each plank. By being able to perfectly replicate the finish of any type of exotic hardwood, home owners can easily and cost effectively get the look of hickory, oak, cherry, or rosewood flooring for far less of an investment than their genuine counterparts. The Only Place to Purchase Laminate Flooring in Los Angeles is from Glamour Flooring of Woodland Hills Glamour Flooring in Woodland Hills always has the highest quality laminates in stock with expert staff on hand to help with selection and even installation. As with the rest of our inventory, everything is purchased at wholesale so expect those fantastic savings to be passed right along to our wonderful Los Angeles customer base. To view our entire selection and give us a call at (818) 963-0878 to have us help you find the perfect flooring to fill your home flooring needs. For the best hardwood flooring store in Woodland Hills, CA Glamour Flooring is around the corner. Laminate Flooring Woodland Hills at Glamour Flooring.
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