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Johnson Hardwood Flooring Store Los Angeles

Johnson Hardwood is one of the top manufacturers of high-quality hardwood flooring with distribution all over the United States and Canada. Johnson Hardwood produce on-trend, high-demand flooring options that are able to last through tough conditions and use hardwood species from around the globe. Their products are known for being cost-effective and superior quality. Johnson Hardwood are CARB II and Lacey Act cooperative compliant. Each flooring plank is high quality milled, hand created, and hand stained to produce a beautiful product. Johnson Hardwood floors are manufactured with the greatest care and supported by a warranty that promises to leave the customer satisfied.
Maple Strawberry From ALehouse Collection by Johnson HArdwoods- Los Angeles Wood Flooring

Maple Strawberry From Alehouse Collection

The Alehouse Collection by Johnson Hardwood is a Multi-layer, hand-staining process has been used to create an inner glow effect that darkens the plank edges.
Oak Belgian Wheat by Johnson Hardwoods from Alehouse Collection- Thousand OAks Flooring

Oak Belgian Wheat From Alehouse Collection

Alehouse Collection comes in 1/2″ thickness, Random in length up to 7-feet, 7-1/2″ of width. The species its is made from is European Oak and its an Engineered wood floor.
Oak Blonde By Johnson Hardwood From Alehouse Collection- Thousand Oaks wood Flooring

Oak Blonde From Alehouse Collection

The style the Alehouse Collection best falls under is vintage. It also comes with a semi gloss and it is a 11 Step Aluminum Oxide Finish.
Oak Shoreline by Johson Hardwoods from Coastal Dune- Los Angeles Hardwood Flooring

Oak Shoreline From Coastal Dune Collectio

Johnson Hardwood’s Coastal Dune series made was brought to the public in 2015. It has a  Wide-width of 7-1/2″ oak planks, with a matte finish. The way this floor is constructed is by it being Engineered, which makes it easier for installation because it can either be nailed or glued down due to the broad planks. Coastal Dune gives your home a vintage style that also gives you the impression of the product being reclaimed. The light wire brush finish softens oak grain patterns complementing the pallet of our wide selection of different colors.
Oak Sandstorm from Johson Hardwood- Calabasa Flooring- wood installations

Oak Sandstorm from Coastal Dune Series

The Oak Sandstorm is perhaps one of the most popular colors because it has some gray color tone which is a very popular color in the flooring industry. This floor has a very nice color variation as it has some light brown color tones as well.
Oak Rattan by Johnson Hardwood- Calabasa Hardwood Flooring

Oak Rattan from Coastal Dune Series

This Oak Rattan is a very elegant color. It is a very dark color which can deceive many but i believe that it is a very dark brown with some part of the floor having a bit a a lighter brown tone. this floor would look marvelous in a home with large windows or a home were its pretty bright.
Maple Moonshine by Johnson Wood Flooring from English pub Series- los Angeles Hardwood flooring

Maple Moonshine From English Pub Series

Johnson Haywood’s English Pub Maple Moonshine is of gorgeous Gray tones which makes the floor unique. It is one of the top selling Products of its collection due to everyone like the gray color tone variation.
Maple Whiskey From the English Pub Series- Johnson Hardwoods- Los Angeles Hardwood Flooring

Maple Whiskey From The English Pub Series

The Maple Whiskey is actually the Second most popular behind the Maple Moonshine. This floor is beyond beautiful and it is an easy brown the will compliment every home. The English Pub Series comes with a semi gloss, hand scraped, and a 11-Step Aluminum Oxide finish.
Hickroy Rye from English Pub Series BY Johnson Hardwoods- Wood floorign installation Los Angles

Hickory Rye- English Pub Series BY Johnson Hardwoods

Hickory Rye is actually a very unique product. Johnson was able to draw brown out of the hickory but also a bit of a color shade of  green which gives the wood planks an Eco-natural look. The Planks come 7-1/2″ in width, with 1/2″ thickness, and random length up to 7- feet.
Oak Balmoral - Noble CAstle by Johnson Hardwoods- hardwood Flooring los angeles

Oak Balmoral from Noble Castle Series

The Nobe Castle Collection from Johnson Hardwood come in a extra wide plank of  10-1/4″. this would be a great look for large floor spaces which can add depth to the room or space. The Noble Castle Collection comes with a Hard wax oil finish. the hard wax oil finish offers a much more subtle matte quality that gives the floor a natural look and feel. This finish also gives the plank open grain structure that allows the wood to breathe.
Oak Warwick- Noble Castle from JOhnson Hardwoods- Woodland Hills hardwood Flooring

Oak Warwick From Noble Castle Series

This series is made from the wood species oak. It is engineered and random in length. The Sq/Ft per carton is 37.3 and a has a hardness of 1360 which is pretty high. Johnson offers a 35 year limited residential warranty.
Oak Alnwick- Johnson harwoods from the Noble Castle Series- THousand oaks Hardwood Flooring

Oak Alnwick From Noble Castle Series-

These Collections are all available at glamour flooring located in Woodland Hills California. If you guys have any questions or want to purchase any of these products gives us a call at 818-963-0878.   Johnson hardwood flooring in Los Angeles is in high demand due to its unique scrape looks. Johnson hardwood flooring are mostly engineered flooring products that can be installed on concrete, plywood, glue down, nail down and floated by following manufacture guidelines. If you are seeking for an hardwood flooring Johnson Installer and lice in the Los Angeles area don’t hesitate to give Glamour Flooring a call although in Woodland Hills we can come to you and provide you with a free in home estimate.Johnson Hardwood Flooring Store Los Angeles co Johnson Hardwood Flooring Installations are done best by a c15 Licensed hardwood flooring installer like our selves here are Glamour Flooring. COme Visit Los Angele’s top Johnson hardwood flooring dealer.   Johnson Hardwood Flooring Store Los Angeles we are here to give you the best pricing in Los Angeles on hardwood flooring products. Johnson Hardwood Flooring Store Los Angeles premier dealer Glamour Flooring is here to help with hardwood flooring needs.
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