Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

Hardwood flooring is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Hardwood flooring adds a classic presence to your home and can be fit into almost any home or interior design. The lifespan of a hardwood floor depends on many factors including, location, climate, exposure to moisture, wear and tear, and maintenance. It’s common for hardwood flooring to last for 20 years and longer, but a well built and well cared for floor can last many decades longer. In the United States and Europe, there are original hardwood floors dating back to the 19th century.

Refinishing Preserves Hardwood Flooring

When treated right, hardwood is an amazingly durable material. The finish used on the wood is not everlasting though. Periodic refinishing is necessary to maintain the beauty of the hardwood floor and to protect the wood. Most hardwood flooring in Los Angeles has an oil-based polyurethane finish. This is the longest lasting finish. Polyurethane can shift with wood panels without cracking immediately. Obviously, when wood panels shift too much, any hardwood finish will crack, but oil-based polyurethane has flexibility to reduce the chances of cracks and breaks. There are some homes in Los Angeles which use water-based finishes on their hardwood floors. These finishes are not as durable as oil-based finishes so they will require more frequent maintenance. A less common request is Swedish-finish. This is a classic alcohol varnish which originates in Sweden. It has a stronger odor but is very strong and easy to clean. At Glamour Flooring, we offer our customers some of the best hardwood floor refinishing Los Angeles & Woodland Hills have to offer. In this way, we ensure that our refinishing services will leave your floors looking brand new.

Why You Need To Refinish Your Hardwood Flooring

Nothing really stays the same for long, especially when it comes to hardwood floor. After 20 years, more or less, one can expect their hardwood floor to have all the imperfections it can possibly have – from discoloration to scratches to dullness and beyond. These only mean that your floor has aged and that it needs a good refinishing. If you have pets, children, frequent guests or very heavy traffic in your home, your floor may need to be refinished. The type of wood can also affect how often you may need to refinish. Certain kinds of wood like bamboo flooring can appear dirty or be more difficult to maintain a like-new appearance.

Refinishing vs. Replacement

Unless there is severe damage, there is often no need to strip up your hardwood for replacement. A typical hardwood floor can be coated about six times in its life span. In many cases, an expert will be able to bring your floor back to its original beauty. Refinishing hardwood flooring is not an easy job. It takes a lot of knowledge, specialized tools and expertise for optimal results. Hiring the right hardwood flooring specialist with knowledge and experience is essential to get the best result possible. As an authority in the field, Glamour Flooring offers some of the best hardwood floor refinishing Los Angeles. Glamour Flooring has developed a proven technique and approach to hardwood floor refinishing which has enabled us to salvage floors which clients often thought would need to be completely replaced. Sometimes replacement is your best long-term option, but our refinishing service has helped preserve floors for years in many cases.

Does The Kind of Hardwood Affect The Refinishing Process?

The refinishing process is similar for most woods. During refinishing a very small amount of wood is sanded off the top of the wooden floor panels. So whether you have Oak, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, or some amazing exotic combination of woods, as long as the wood panels can be sanded without affecting the integrity or structure of the floor, we’ll be able to refinish and restore the floor. Each floor is unique. Although they may start out similarly, each floor is exposed to different levels of humidity, temperature changes, wear and tear, and structural issues. Contact Us to inspect your floor. This will allow us to assess its condition, determine if refinishing is the best option, and provide a price quote.