Hardwood Floor Installation

Glamour Flooring is one of the best providers of wood floor installation available. We also offer floor maintenance and repair. We are hardwood flooring enthusiasts and we love the value, warmth, and style that hardwood flooring adds to any home. Whether your project is a new installation or requires the removal of existing hardwood flooring, we are experienced with every working scenario and are committed to completing your project at the highest possible level.

Hardwood Flooring Design and Consultation

To get started on your project we recommend scheduling a free consultation. This allows us to assess your space, discuss your design goals, examine wood selections, and consider special features like inlay arrangements, and border feature strips. This is your hardwood floor and our goal is to bring your unique vision to life. Part of the process which we enjoy is helping the client understand all of the options available to them. Contrasting woods, special dovetailing configuration, and staining gives you endless choices and allows you to create a genuine one-of-a-kind hardwood floor.

Hardwood Species

There is no right or wrong selection, but there are seemingly endless choices. Oak, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, and Walnut are all classic and popular selections. There is also a huge variety of exotic woods to choose from. We highly recommend holding off on purchasing materials until you’ve consulted with an expert. At Glamour Flooring, our design consultants and experts are among the best in the business. As such, you can rest assured that you are getting the best service from one of the best providers of hardwood floor installation.

Hardwood Finishes

Most hardwood floors are finished in one of three types of finishes. Satin finish is a low shine finish which lets you see the wood in a very plain appearance. Although different types of finish result in different maintenance levels, finish is mostly a cosmetic choice. Depending on the room and your design goals any finish may be the best choice. This is also a highly subjective choice, so there is no best selection.

Semi-glossy finish is popular because it adds a subtle sheen to wood and accentuates the character of the wood. High-gloss finish can be beautiful and adds a wowing factor to wood. High gloss can add dimension to the dark beauty of Rosewood or accentuate the detail of brighter woods like maple. There is no best choice in general, but we’ll help you select the finish that gives your floor the type of presence and feel you’re looking for.

Hardwood Staining

Floors can be stained in a color to match or compliment the fabrics, furniture, or paints in your home. We have color samples available for you to choose from so you can picture how the staining would fit into your home.

Contact For A Consultation

Commissioning a new hardwood floor is a fun process. There are so many possibilities and choices to examine that it can be difficult to decide on a direction. We suggest contacting us for a consultation. We’ll assess your needs, provide you with options based off of your unique tastes, and provide you with a quote for hardwood flooring. We are one of the top providers of wood floor installation, and, as such, we have a reputation for craftsman level quality. Our floors will come to be a cornerstone in your home which you’ll cherish for years.