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Stair Case Installation

Staircase Replacement

There are many reasons to replace your stairs; they are a high usage area and as such receive a lot of wear and tear, perhaps you have replaced your floors and want the stairs to match, or you’re simply looking to beautify your home and update what is often a centerpiece of the design. Regardless of your reason, look no further than the experts at Glamour Flooring LA.Not only can you be confident that the job will be done right, but we offer several customization options on your staircase.

When it comes to these customization options, there are a few things to consider:

Solid Stair Treads vs Stair Noses

The tread is the top component of the stair where the feet are placed. For this component you can use either, the same hardwood planks as your floor with a stair nose attached, or you can use solid stair treads. Obviously, using the same planks as your floor will create a consistent look and feel across your home, however there are a couple drawbacks in that there are visible joints on the treads, and they won’t be quite as durable as solid stair treads because of those joints. Solid stair treads are designed specifically for their purpose, and therefore tend to be more durable, and with less movement. However they may require some blending to match the flooring in the rest of the house.


The risers can either be done from the same wood flooring as the rest of your home, or they can be done with a painted white MDF. The primary difference here is your preference on design. The white MDF provides a sleek look at an affordable cost, and the wood flooring provides the more consistent design throughout the home.

Once you have decided on your preferences for your stair treads and risers let Glamour Flooring LA make your dream home a reality with our professional stair case installation and replacement.

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Stair Case Installation

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