Summit Peak Ozark Oaks Hardwood Flooring Installation Topanga

This Hardwood Flooring Installation out in the area of Topanga Canyon was a very custom one due to its custom cuts. The room was round, there for we needed custom cuts at a 45. Prior To installation the floor, we made sure the floor was leveled. For this installation we used about 15 bags of self leveling float due to floor imperfections.Glamour flooring Installation

Ozarks Oaks by Mamre Floors from the Summit Peak Collection is a very popular color due to its nice white wash look that happens to be very trendy right now. It is also a very clean floor and not as knotty as other European Oak  Hardwood Floors.

flooring installation topanga conyan

We covered the floors thoroughly so that paint would not get on the floors while the house was painted. this helps prevents the floors from getting any sort of damage.


ozarks by Mamre floors

  • Summit Peak Estates offers natural simplicity with 7.5″ wide planks
  • Durable 4mm wear layer.
  • UV cured oiled finish
  • The natural matte finish that emulates the most natural European White Oak and feature wire brushing, white oil and smoked finishing techniques
  • Lenght 73″ (85% long)ed
  • Installation: Glue, Nail or Float; Radiant heat approved
  • Lifetime Limited Structural Warranty

Ozarks oak intallation glamour flooring

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