Mediterranean collection hardwood flooring

Mediterranean collection hardwood flooring

Mediterranean collection hardwood flooring

Today there are many different flooring choices for your home. Mediterranean hardwood flooring might not be your first thought, but there is nothing like the hardwood flooring from the Mediterranean collection to add a beautiful depth of warmth to any home. While hardwood may be more expensive than some other flooring choices, it will outlast most other flooring materials. Damage to other types of flooring can lead to expensive replacements, but hardwood flooring can easily be sanded and refinished. New rugs can quickly change the look of a room, making hardwood timelessly beautiful, durable, and versatile for any home.

European Oak Hardwood Flooring

The Mediterranean collection is European oak hardwood flooring made from hand-selected French oak planks milled to a precise 8”x6’ planks. There are 14 different heirloom-caliber colors to choose from, and each is an oil treated hardwood flooring of the same materials. Each plank is precisely chosen, and each has hand-crafted edging. This flooring comes in: Calypso, Gibralter, Ionian, Kerrew, Aegean, Ligurian, Tyrrhenian, Valldemossa, Kazalla, Santolina, Crispus, Skyros, Sargon, and Levant. Any color of the Mediterranean collection will add that unique layer of beauty to any home or office.


California Classics works with the manufacturers to help keep the cost of hardwood flooring down by monitoring the manufacturing process. We are able to provide the high-quality Mediterranean hardwood flooring at affordable prices. As a homeowner, it’s important to consider hand-crafted hardwood flooring as an investment in your home because it will add value in appearance and last for years to come. Let’s face it, when you’re considering flooring, it is not the time to look for materials that seem like a bargain. You may end up with hardwood flooring that is disappointing. It may appear manufactured, does not last, or is poorly installed and finished.

Engineered Hardwood

Another option is the engineered hardwood flooring materials. This flooring is hand-crafted by our trained staff at California Classics. Engineered hardwood floors appear and feel the same as solid hardwood, but they have more flexibility to allow for an uneven base surface. This means they can be floated, glued, nailed, or stapled to the base surface of any structure. Each plank is created with seven cross-stacked layers to help it resist moisture and last longer.

Installation and Finish

At California Classics, we have hardwood flooring experts that have been trained to install your floor properly and with care. After our meticulous installation, we want to make sure your floor is protected with the best finish on the market. We partnered with Valspar, the leading aluminum oxide based floor finish manufacturer, to provide you with a finish that is durable. This finish will not yellow or cloud with time; it has an excellent hardness, it helps protect your flooring from UV (sun) bleaching, and it is environmentally friendly.

California Classics

Customer service and expert installation of high-quality hardwood flooring is important to us. California Classics experienced sales associates will help you determine which hardwood flooring material and color are best suited for your home or office. Then we can start your expert hardwood flooring installation in the Los Angeles area.

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