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Walk the plank in confidence with Manufacture Johnson Hardwood Flooring; the leading manufacturers of handcrafted hardwood floors. Each flooring plank is precision milled, handcrafted, and hand stained; backed by a warranty.

Series of Flooring

The choice of wood species has a large impact on the variations of color for your handcrafted hardwood floors. Natural wood has its own set of characteristics which effects how the stain is absorbed. Your Johnson Hardwood Floor dealer will assist in helping you choose the wood species that will be best for your unique floor. Following are some different series with beautiful colors that will enhance your home.

English Pub

  • Maple Smoked Bourbon – Semi-gloss Maple wood with a warm auburn color.
  • Maple Whiskey – Whiskey is an interior designer’s dream. Beautiful brown stretched across in a long floor pattern; giving your room that big feel.
  • Maple Brandy Wine – The longer 7 foot planks display wood grains of neutral browns with variations from light to dark.
  • Maple Amber Ale – Beautiful, sturdy, and durable. Amber Ale is hand carved and hand scraped; creating a golden glimmer which brightens up any room.
  • Maple Cognac – Cognac planks are crafted wider and longer- reminiscent of the rich colors of older American furnishings. With a unique stain of its own; the wood planks illuminate from the inside out.
  • Maple Moonshine – Moonshine is a stunning sleek gray tone attracting the audience of contemporary designers.
  • Hickory Apple Jack – Represents the look of reclaimed wood. This Johnson Hardwood English Pub Hickory has been hand sculpted, hand carved, and hand stained.
  • Hickory Rye – Distinctive hickory species with hues of brown and green-creating an eco-natural look.
  • Hickory Porter – Brown 7-foot hardwood planks layout a continuous floor plan creating a big and bold feel.

Ale House

  • Maple Maibok – Vintage style flooring that creates an inner glow effect, enhancing the lighting of a room.
  • Maple Hefeweizen – The hand staining process to create Hefeweizen hardwood floors is completely different from Johnson Hardwood’s other products.
  • Maple Copper Ale – The hand staining process gives the plank edges a timeworn look.
  • Maple Barley Ale – This is a rich maple with high color variation.
  • Maple Strawberry Blonde – The un-even tones are the effect of a multi-layer hand staining process.
  • Maple Doppelbock – Rich, un-even tones, give your room a studios effect while enhancing the lighting.

Soft Oak colors, with the unique hand staining process, are also offered in the Alehouse Series: Oak Belgian Wheat, Oak Marzen, Oak Blonde, Oak Saisonm, Oak Wheat Wine, and Oak Dunkel.

British Isles

The British Isles Series offers a time-worn look. The long planks feature knots and mineral streaks; making it an easy layout of classic colors: Swansea, Essex, Kildare, Sunderland, Tiger Bay, Limerick, Devon, and Cardiff.

Installation of Hardwood Flooring

We install Hardwood Flooring in Los Angeles and offer expert installation on Engineered hardwood floors. What is the difference between solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring?

A Johnson Hardwood solid hardwood floor requires a stable relative humidity environment. This type of flooring is not recommended on any rooms below the main floor.

Johnson Hardwood Engineered hardwood floors are more stable to changes in the humidity and therefore can be installed on lower levels. Engineered floors can be nailed or glued directly onto concrete whereas Johnson Hardwood solid hardwood floors require a plywood sub-floor.

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